Welcome to the English club!

In September 15, 2017, the English club in South Kazakhstan Pedagogical University celebrated its starting. The club invites students and teachers wishing to speak English.

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Information about the "Health Festival -2017", " Our health is in our hands "

September 9, 2017 in Shymkent on Al-Farabi Square was a major "Health Festival - 2017", organized by the Regional Department of Health "Our health is in our hands. Students of the South Kazakhstan Pedagogical University participated actively.

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Dear students!!!

In the framework of academic mobility program the Centre for International Cooperation and Academic Mobility of Southern Kazakhstan Pedagogical University announces admission of students (2-3 courses) for study in Portuguese "University of Aveiro" (www.ua.pt). Knowledge of English must not be below the "Intermediate" level.

For all questions, contact the Centre for International Cooperation and Academic Mobility (room 205.)




Language policy of trilingualism in Kazakhstan



 One of the priorities in the Republic of Kazakhstan is language policy. This is an important and probably currently most important part of public policy.

Knowledge of the national language promotes national unity; preserving and developing linguistic diversity leads to growth to a whole new level, contributing to the integration of Kazakhstan into the world community and strengthen the competitiveness that is so necessary for our state in the period of economic and social modernization. The leader of the state N.Nazarbayev pays special attention to this issue, which is evidenced by a unique project called "Trinity of languages". Since the adoption of the new development strategy of the country "Kazakhstan — 2050", the policy of trilingualism, aimed at the study of the people of Kazakhstan of the Kazakh, Russian and English languages is carried out intensively. In every address to the people of Kazakhstan Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev seeks to focus on the development and improvement in the field of education, culture, especially in the field of knowledge of languages. Not for the first time our President said that at the present time it is very important to develop language policy in modern Kazakhstan society, since it is essential for the successful future of the younger generation. It is worth to consider: the future of our children is the future of our state. Modernization of Kazakhstan is necessary for all of us, and every citizen of our Republic should be useful to their Homeland for its success. The policy of "Trinity of languages" is a real chance for Kazakhstan to integrate into the global world.

The process of globalization affects the teaching of the three languages due to the fact that on the one hand, the preservation of national identity, important for any sovereign state in the conditions of globalization is accompanied with the necessity to follow modern synergetic vision of the world, that is, openness to the future. And the future is impossible without language, providing inter-ethnic contacts. Hence the desire of our society to the Trinity of languages. So built a balanced language policy will allow, developing, promoting, expanding the scope of the Kazakh language as the state language and create conditions for inter-ethnic communication Russian and English languages, will form a multicultural society, which, without losing connection with the roots of the people, whose name proudly calls our country, at the same time, remain open to dialogue with the international community that will accelerate the development of competitive Kazakhstan.



Dear Colleagues and Students !

Scientific and educational tours to Europe and Russia

ScienceTravel Scientific-educational and cultural tours —
this unique journey combines a pleasant and informative stay with creative contests, internships, fun activities and training.

In the program of the races: visiting the leading universities, scientific libraries, laboratories, cultural and historical attractions, famous museums, science centres, the world centres and palaces of Europe and Russia.

Race No. 1.

From 1 to August 6, 2017 (6 days / 5 nights).

Crimea (Simferopol, Sevastopol, Balaklava, Yalta, Alupka)

Race No. 2.

From 27 October to 4 November 2017 (9 days / 8 nights).

IRELAND: Galway – Wicklow – Dublin – Kilkenny – Belfast

Race No. 3.

From October 29 – November 7, 2017 (10 days / 9 nights).

SPAIN: Madrid – Salamanca – Toledo – Barcelona

For all questions please contact the center for International Cooperation and Academic Mobility (room 205.)