'5 Steps to U.S. Study'

15-16.11.2017 under the guidance of a teacher of Foreign Languages Department Shorabek G.A. students of the first and third year of the specialty "5B011900 - Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages" attended the seminar '5 Steps to U.S. Study 'in the "American Corner" located in the Pushkin Regional Universal Scientific Library.

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Regional Student Olympiad

11/15/2017. Within the framework of the "Economy" week, the Regional Student Olympiad "Entrepreneurship is the basis of economic development" was held. Another feature of this day is November 15 - Tenge Day - the national currency and the international day of financiers.

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International Education Week

On the14th of  November, 2017 the  teacher of department Foreign Philology Yussupova Guzal Tadjikhanovna  with the second course  student’s of  specialty   - "5B011900 - Foreign language: two foreign languages" were at the American Corner, at the Regional Universal Scientific Library named  after A.S. Pushkin, within the framework of the International Education Week.

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«The meeting with English»

11/14/2017 Second-year students of specialty 5В011900 - Foreign language: two foreign languages took part in the seminar "Education in England" in the Pushkin library.

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Development of volleyball game among students of SKPU

In the sports complex of the South Kazakhstan Pedagogical University on November 09-10, 2017 there was held a competition among the students of volleyball, the girls (16 teams - 96 women) and the guys (10 teams - 60 sportsmen).

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